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Location, telephone numbers and information for Indian Pakistani grocery stores in Poland

oasis 1 | -
28 Feb 2011 #1
Hi / Hello Everyone

I will be relocating to Katowice Poland from USA and was interested in a grocery store / supermarket which has all the indian/ pakistani spices herbs meat etc and would also home delivery services. I would really appreciate any facilitation and help in locating one.

Thank you

15 Sep 2014 #2
[Moved from]: Oriental and Indian grocery in Warsaw

Hi All,
I've been fairly new in Warsaw and want to share with all the members of Polish forums a few inteteresting pieces of information regarding oriental and Indian grocery in Warsaw. As I come from Asia, I was dying to get some of these products here in Ursynow. A lot of supermarkets now carry quite a few products but they're pretty selective and tehy don't seem to have a wide range. First I found a store in Domaniewska which is pretty good (mainly Indian though) but it's a bit far from where I live i.e. Ursynow. So I started to ask around my neighbours and look for something similar and found another one right in Ursynow near Stoklosy Metro, just 1 min from the Metro in the Galeria. Don't know what the name of the Galeria is but they've got Rossmann there and the store or should I say the mini store is right opposite Rossmann on the level -1. The reason I'm taking the trouble to write it in here is because they got a pretty wide range of Asian, Indian and oriental products at a pretty good price. The sales girl was pretty nice as well.

I'm going back again this week as I ran out of Jasmine rice, so I'll have to go and do some more shopping there. So if you guys live in or near Ursynow, that's place to do your shopping.
16 Sep 2014 #3
That is great!
Enjoy shopping!! :)
Looker - | 1,134
24 Dec 2014 #4
Let me give you links to the Indian/Asian shops in Poland that I have found (the last three are only online stores, use google to translate the sites that have only Polish language version),kuchnia-indyjska.html
jon357 74 | 22,054
11 May 2015 #6
Yes. There's the Ahmad shop opposite the old mosque on ul. Wiertnicza. Here's a list that might be useful to you:

Home / Food / Location, telephone numbers and information for Indian Pakistani grocery stores in Poland
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