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Hip flasks in Poland

littlejagoda 1 | 26
16 Dec 2011 #1
Where can I purchase a ladies Hip (Drinking) Flask? If that's not available, a regular flask will do provided it at least looks good, has a nice non-leaky seal, and is of good quality.

Is my best bet the Galeria?
cms 9 | 1,255
16 Dec 2011 #2
what town are you in ?

If in Warsaw then there a few hunting shops - one is near the junction of Zurawia and Marszalkowska which has a stuffed badger in the window.

Or for something more expensive you could try Hefra on Mokotowska or there are a couple of Barbour places which might have a mens one.
16 Dec 2011 #3
The shops selling gifts for men in Zloty Tarasy and Arkadia both have a selection of hip flasks.
OP littlejagoda 1 | 26
17 Dec 2011 #4
Eh, I'm an idiot. Krakow. Thanks for the responses.
BLS 65 | 188
27 Dec 2011 #5
I saw flasks at Lidl today - not sure of the quality or price, but it might be worth checking out...
gumishu 13 | 6,064
27 Dec 2011 #6
your best bet are trekking shops - look for Alpinus or Campus (a trekking cloth manufacturer) shops or similar - also look for shops with hunting accessories
JonnyM 11 | 2,620
27 Dec 2011 #7
Eh, I'm an idiot. Krakow

In the railway station. There are a few souvenir kiosks that sell them.

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