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Cornish game hens in Poland?

Polonius3 990 | 12,349
11 Oct 2010 #1
Are there any Cornish game hens in Poland? In the US these are small patridge-sized fowl usually sold frozen. Meaty nad very nice.
scottie1113 7 | 898
11 Oct 2010 #2
Good question. I haven't seen any, and I love to cook them. Anybody?
SeanBM 35 | 5,793
11 Oct 2010 #3
Cornish game hens: Despite the name, it is not a game bird, but actually a typical chicken that is slaughtered at a young age and therefore is smaller in size. Though the bird is called a "hen," it can be either male or female.
Most sources credit Alphonsine and Jacques Makowsky of Connecticut for developing the small bird in the mid-1950s. A Saturday Evening Post article from July 1955 credited Mrs. Makowsky with coming up with the idea to breed the Cornish game chicken, a small bird with short legs and a plump, round breast that she had discovered in a book.

I had never heard of them before.
OP Polonius3 990 | 12,349
11 Oct 2010 #4
Thanks for the input. I had always thought of them as a wild species (like pheasants only smaller) that was being farm-bred. Whatever the case, they are very nice and 1 bird = 1 serving.
polkamaniac 1 | 482
12 Oct 2010 #5
I have had these birds and there is very little meat on them.2 birds are just about right for a good feast.
Eurola 4 | 1,902
12 Oct 2010 #6
The meat is very tasty, much better than a chicken. You can roast them with stuffing too.There is a lot of bone picking involved and your fingers are the best utensils but it is well worthed and finger licking good!
12 Oct 2010 #8
1 bird = 1 serving.

I bet you're just as fat as most Americans.
Teffle 22 | 1,319
12 Oct 2010 #9
I had never heard of them before

Possibly the same, or at least similar to, pullet, which would be the more typical UK/Irish term I think.
polkamaniac 1 | 482
14 Oct 2010 #10
They taste great roasted in the oven but if you are using stuffing, plan on one cup per game hen. Do not stuff them until just before you put them in the oven to avoid any potential for salmonellosis.

Eurola 4 | 1,902
14 Oct 2010 #12
Maybe they are called different in Ireland. Look for really tiny small chickens in the market.

I bet you're just as fat as most Americans.

No need to be snippy. The birds are really small and bony. It's about the taste. You can't get really stuffed with one. A 'fat' American would need at least five of them to be satisfied.
19 Oct 2010 #13
I wasn't being snippy. I eat half of one per sitting. I couldn't eat one whole one unless that is all I ate. With sides, it is at least 2 servings and I tend to eat pretty large meals. And a super fatty would need 5 to fill up but most Americans are just obese.

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