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Do Polish people like frozen foods from China?

sinofood 1 | 2
3 Mar 2008 #1
Hi guys, I am from China.
As a frozen food manufacturer from China, I am doing market research here.

Do you like Chinese food like Spring Rolls, Curry Puff, Sasoma, Dumpling, etc?
sledz 23 | 2,248
3 Mar 2008 #2
To tell you the truth I`d be afraid to eat anything from China.

You already poisoned our pet food and send us Lead based painted childrens toys.
OP sinofood 1 | 2
3 Mar 2008 #3

as a food manufacturer in china, i am planning to find importer or sales agent in Poland for our CHinese Frozen Foods.

I don't know if there is any importer in Poland who is interested in Chinese food like Dumpling, Sasoma, Spring rolls, etc;

also I wanna know if these kind of foods are popular in Poland..

Here are the images of our products... Four color Sasoma Shrimp Dumpling Spring Rolls Without Meat Curry Puff
Anyone will lend a hand??
beckski 12 | 1,611
3 Mar 2008 #4
Do you like Chinese food like Spring Rolls

I've purchased spring rolls in a frozen form. They really lacked taste. I prefer to purchase these type of food items on a fresh basis, from an actual Chinese restaurant.
OP sinofood 1 | 2
3 Mar 2008 #5
Hi sledz,
I am sorry to hear that...
Then, what about the probability of the case like you said?
If anyone is interested in them, please contact me via:
4 Mar 2008 #6
To tell the truth, I have never seen any Chinese frozen food in Polish stores. It is all Polish frozen food that occupies the store freezers.

It might mean two things - good and bad: you won`t have to compete with other Chinese in the Polish market, but you will run into problems trying to sell your products to Poles accustomed to Polish food such as pierogis, for example.

Good luck, anyway.

PS. I rarely eat frozen food at all, I prefer fresh stuff. Either home-made or bought shortly after being made. E.g., a local store has a deal with a lady who makes wholesale amounts of pierogis and they sell them on Wednesdays. Pierogis with meat, or meat and cabbage, or cabbage and mushrooms, or cheese, or berries, or plums, or etc etc etc. They are really tasty, like home-made.

How about fast food bars to sell Chinese food?
MaxChin - | 10
4 May 2009 #7
I`d be afraid to eat anything from China.

Thats bull ****!! I have been eating Chinese food since I was a baby till now, I dont even have any problem. what T F r u afraiding?
z_darius 14 | 3,960
4 May 2009 #8
Food imported from China doesn't have good reputation. If it's not melamine then it's lead or fluoroquinolones in fish.

Btw, US and Canada have had bans on Chinese fish imports.
I'll have Chinese food once in a while (rarely) but certainly not if it's imported from China. It's just too risky.
12 Nov 2009 #9
I go to China several times a year. Unfortunately I cannot plan the trips short enough to avoid eating there.

If I can, I stay away from Chinese food. It is not the style, the problem are the polluted ingredients.
johnsoninbeijin - | 2
9 Dec 2009 #10
I am a Chinese business man, importing French wine to Chinese Market.

Yes, it is true that Chinese food have BAD reputation, but fortunately more and more food makers realise the situatiuon and things are getting better now. Do Believe me!~
hanmzj - | 3
28 Mar 2010 #11
everythin will be better
plk123 8 | 4,134
28 Mar 2010 #12
i wouldn't trust anything from china.. you shouldn't either.. besides, they abuse their own people and i surely can't support that.
mifinfo - | 1
31 Jan 2013 #13
Merged: Do Polish people like shopping in China?

For Polish people, are they interested in shopping in China,such as on taobao?
APF 4 | 106
31 Jan 2013 #14
Yes, every Pole loves to make shoppingin China!!
Honore - | 1
8 Jun 2017 #15
Hi guys,Nice to see you.
My name is Honore From Qingdao Hofukee Food Co Ltd(China),established in year 2010,factory area cover more than 17acres,
has BRC-A LEVEL, HACCP, FDA, HALAL, INTERTEK,ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001 certificates.
Products had exported to restaurants and supermarkets in Australia,New Zealand,U.K.,Sweden,Belgium and Korean etc markets.
Below is our three series of excellent products-Oriental selection and Indian selection and New developed products for your reference:
Roger5 1 | 1,443
4 Sep 2017 #16
I recently saw 'forbidden rice' (Chinese or Indian black rice) on an online San Francisco restaurant menu. I'm interested in trying it, and it's on sale on allegro. Anyone tried it? It's quite expensive, so I don't want to buy it if it's something you have to grow up with to like.
johnny reb 50 | 7,256
4 Sep 2017 #17
Trump is threatening to stop all trade from any country that deals with North Korea which includes China.
If applied to China, from which the United States imports goods worth about $40 billion a month, China will have a whole lot of frozen food to be selling cheap.
cms 9 | 1,254
4 Sep 2017 #18
I know Trump has sacked all his advisors but maybe someone should tell him that the US owes China a lot of money. It would be good to have some realistic solutions to complex problems rather than the first nonsense that bubbles into his senile brain.
Joker 2 | 2,250
4 Sep 2017 #19
If applied to China, from which the United States imports goods worth about $40 billion a month,

They support their commie friends in North Korea. We should cut off trade and if they make any outrageous claims that we own them money, we should remind them of how they ripped us off decades ago and are still doing it.
cms 9 | 1,254
4 Sep 2017 #20
Interesting and nuts article even by Foxnews standards - and some weird maths. 25m usd of bonds at 5 percent - extrapolate that to the power of 90 years and it is 2bn of debt. I think the Chinese ownership of US bonds is USD 700bn - so that would leave another 698 ban for moron Trump to worry about.
Joker 2 | 2,250
4 Sep 2017 #21
Many decades ago, China sold sovereign bonds worldwide to investors in many nations. They sold tens of thousands of these bonds on U.S. soil to American citizens on the recommendation of our government, indicating it was a solid investment. Over the last sixty years, China has refused to pay to these bondholders either the principal or interest on these full faith and credit sovereign bonds.

Not to mention all intellectual property they have stolen from the USA
johnny reb 50 | 7,256
4 Sep 2017 #22
It would be good to have some realistic solutions to complex problems rather than the first nonsense that bubbles into his senile brain.

Perhaps moron you could tell us your realistic non - nonsense solution to handle the North Korea complex problem then if you don't approve of moron Trump exhausting all options to save many millions of lives in avoiding a potential nuclear war.

Please share it with us so I can pass it along to moron Trump.
And remember son if the U.S. cuts off trade from China because they refuse to stop trade with North Korea's sanctions then the rest of NATO will follow so may Poland enjoy their frozen foods from China while they can as no doubt it will bring war between NATO and China.

And cms your brilliant solution to this is ?
cms 9 | 1,254
4 Sep 2017 #23
No idea - that is not my job. I am not a politician for a reason - I am too dumb and would not expect anybody to vote for me to be in charge of something important. Want advice about some financial issues in Poland - then no problem :)

What Trump should do is ask his experts in the State Dept - except he sacked them all and put a businessman in charge with no political experience except doing bent oil deals in Russia.

Or he could ask his most supportive allies - UK, Germany, Australia, France, Japan - for support and advice, but he has spent most of the last year insulting them and threatening them.

Or he could ask China to help but even a brief amount of knowledge would show that publicly humiliating them is extremely culturally inapproapriate.

I think if Walker, Rubio, Kasich or someone like that was in charge it would be much better.

Joker - I do have enough expertise to have read that website and pronounce it total nonsense legally and totally incorrect mathematically.
johnny reb 50 | 7,256
4 Sep 2017 #24
If I passed your reply on to President Trump he no doubt would ask me what moron I got that from.
Now let's get back on topic shall we.
Joker 2 | 2,250
5 Sep 2017 #25
Before you buy any food from China you might want to take a look at this!

Rats, the other white meat!

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