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Pastel de nata in Krakow

BLS 65 | 188
15 Jan 2012 #1
Does anyone know a bakery in Krakow that makes pastel de nata? They are also known as Portuguese custard tarts. I've never tried them, but I'd like to - they look delicious! Thanks...
Looker - | 1,107
30 Nov 2014 #2
bakery in Krakow that makes pastel de nata?

I doubt that any bakery in whole Poland makes them..

But I have found a recipe, reportedly the tartlets do not differ from the originals.

What you need is: (ingredients for about 8-12 pieces)

300ml of milk
3 eggs
1 vanilla pod
pinch of cinnamon
100g of sugar
2 tablespoons of cornflour
1 sheet of puff pastry

Beat the eggs thoroughly with milk, the pot with milk set on low or medium heat. Add grains from the vanilla pod, cinnamon, sugar and the flour reconstituted with a bit of milk. Stir vigorously to prevent from any lumps until the mass clearly thickened and will remind a thick pudding. Once that happens, leave it it to cool. When the mass is in ambient temperature, lay it down to fit with French pastry-lined muffin tins. Bake at 180C for about 15 minutes.


I hope the translation makes sense ;)
candycandy 2 | 13
1 Dec 2014 #3
i bet they are delicious!! portuguese food is good! they are my neighbours but haven't tried this. try to search for a portuguese or brazillian restaurant in krakow? maybe they have them or know where to get them.
Levi_BR 6 | 219
1 Dec 2014 #4
Brazilian bakeries also can make that :)
inkrakow 1 | 98
1 Dec 2014 #5
I'm pretty sure I've seen them here - either at Słodka Manufaktura, Słodki Kącik or Chocola. I'm sure that if you emailed them to ask, they'd make you some!

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