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Oils and fats in Polish foods

13 Apr 2010  #1
Hi All,

For a study assignment I am doing research into consumer trends of oils and fats (olive oil, butter, margarine, functional spreads with omega 3 etc) in Poland.

Is there anyone who could give me some information on what kind of products are used, when and what for. What kind of people use butter or margarine etc and what are recent trends (in summaries from very expensive reports I read for example health is becoming a bigger issue?)

Any information would be of help, thank you ver much in advance!

Kind regards,

A Dutch student
Varsovian 92 | 634
13 Apr 2010  #2
I know there have been some studies into diet in Poland.

Try looking for Zatonski.

Otherwise search for keywords like "fat - diet - Poland" - and most importantly "et al"

et al usually gives you links to scientific papers

and do tell me if you have any luck!

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