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"Moldy" Cake

twoblue 1 | 2
18 Jun 2011 #1
A friend gave me a recipe for a cake that his family used to celebrate birthdays--it was called Plesniak, or Plezniak, which he told me translated to "Moldy" because the bumpy surface and baked egg whites and powdered sugar made the cake look moldy. It was sort of coffee cake-like.

It had some kind of fruit in it, like maybe prune paste or raisins? and was made of balls of dough that were frozen to grate easier into layers in the pan--white and chocolate I think. If anyone has a recipe for this, I'd really appreciate it!
Cleo14 1 | 29
18 Jun 2011 #2
here you go:
OP twoblue 1 | 2
24 Jun 2011 #3


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