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Making American cheeses (Polish and EU ones are terrible!)

Chemikiem 4 | 1,009    
18 May 2017  #91

I've eaten that sheeps' cheese

What is it called? I read about one called Bryndza Podhalanska, but not sure if it's that one. More cheeses I read about but haven't tried are łomnickie goat's cheese, Rancho Frontiera and kaszubska kozę cheese. Anyone tried these?

jon357 68 | 13,164    
19 May 2017  #92

He makes a couple of types, the brand name is Prawdziwe Jedzenie.
Chemikiem 4 | 1,009    
22 May 2017  #93

Thanks Jon, will have to look out for it next time I'm in Poland.
Joker 1 | 456    
23 May 2017  #94

How about some Fromunda Cheese?

Home / Food / Making American cheeses (Polish and EU ones are terrible!)
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