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How to make a Polish Pepper Vodka?

5 Nov 2012 #1

I would like to make some of my own pepper vodka. Does anyone know the ideal amount of peppercorns to use per litre? I am assuming that black pepper is used.

pgtx 29 | 3133
5 Nov 2012 #2
to 1/4 liter of vodka add 5 beans of black pepper and leave for 7-8 days in a warm place.

it's good for your upset stomach! :)
polonius 54 | 420
5 Nov 2012 #3
For purely medicinal purposes this is a good recipe. But for drinking enjoyment, after straining away the peppercorns, you might add 1-2 teaspoons simple syrup. (1 teaspoon sugar dissolved in 2 teaspoons hot water). It will soften the harsh edge.
OP Tom43
6 Nov 2012 #4
Thanks for that, the reason I asked is because I have been given 2 litres of Smirnoff red vodka (not the best i know:). I don't plan on drinking this vodka straight so I thought I would make some herb or spice vodka to make the taste more interesting.

I was planning on making 500ml of pepper vodka, 500ml with juniper, 500ml lemon balm and 500ml lemon verbena.

I was thinking of leaving the herbs/spice to steep in the vodka for a month and then filtering them out. I thought of adding sugar but I am not sure if it remains stable long term?

If anyone has done something similar and has any tips I would be grateful.

sofijufka 2 | 187
6 Nov 2012 #5
my niece's godfather is making St John’s wort tincture and taking it to Spitzbergen as antidepressant. He simply take herbal bags, douse it with vodka and left this for 3 weeks....

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