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Instructions for a nice Polish mix cake to make

polish girl 12 4 | 31
27 Aug 2012 #1
i meet new friend in last month, we meet all time. he from england . we meet for coffee i want make nice cake for him. What is good cake in england to make and can i get instruction and helps please thank you so much
pip 10 | 1,659
27 Aug 2012 #2
why don't you make him something Polish- be proud of your culture!!
teflcat 5 | 1,032
27 Aug 2012 #3
Try this. There are about 10000 recipies.

For me, cake schmake. Cook me a pasty.
fez0130 1 | 48
27 Aug 2012 #4
Victoria spondge is nice but yeah maybe a polish cake would be different for him
Oxford22 - | 3
28 Aug 2012 #5
They like all type if cakes Just make anything pOlish

Polish Package mix cakes?

There is a slew of cake mixes from Poland in Polonian delis-- babka, piernik, karpatka, sernik and others. Are they any good? Has anybody on PF tried them?

We've had a few in his house. They are OK, easy to make and i guess just like any other cake mixes. The piernik one is probably best.

Home / Food / Instructions for a nice Polish mix cake to make
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