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Which are the most frequently made Polish foods?

Tamas 2 | 5
26 Mar 2013 #1
Dear All,
please make me smarter.
An average housewife in Poland what is cooking most frequently?
Thanks, Tamas
Rysavy 10 | 307
26 Mar 2013 #3

My Polish finance's family eats this most the week when he isn't separately eating chicken or Pizza.
An occasional soup. My Polish language partner mentioned eating it often too.

My US family called it "Hungarian chops" or debreeshin veptrovan... but I guess Polish eat it without the spicy sauce ?
:) (I like it both ways.. ) My granma Weisz wasn't Hungarian, she just called them that.
BTW: It is pork cutlets that are breaded and braised... yum! in any language! I sure could eat them almost every day!
You should snoop around this forum section..Oh! the recipes you can find..most easy to prep and serve!
el_easy 2 | 54
27 Mar 2013 #4
An average housewife in Poland what is cooking most frequently?

Potato all the time!!

27 Mar 2013 #5
Soups are pretty common, Rosół, Barszcz etc, Żurek is commonly eaten for Easter Sunday breakfast.
Schabowy definitely, Krokiety, Gołąbki........endless list really!
smurf 39 | 1,971
27 Mar 2013 #6
Sandwiches for breakfast still blows my mind.
polonius 54 | 420
27 Mar 2013 #7
Mielone (kotlety) are the favourite of many Polish kids who i reckon do not like to chew solid meat. These are flattened meatballs usually made of minced pork or the cheaper but nondescript mięso mielone which can cotnain most anything (poultry skins, assorted meat and fat scraps, gristle, veins, ligaments, etc.).
jon357 74 | 22,024
27 Mar 2013 #8
They're a staple of many households.

Lots of salads too, though not always very nice ones, dripping in liquid.

Alsp placki, which are easy to make and a lot of hot-dog type sausages - produced in high volume and sold by the thousand.

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