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Polish cream cake (kremowka papieska) recipe?

Jeb 1 | 2
29 Sep 2013 #1
I recently ate at a polish deli in Orlando. With my lunch I got a piece of cake. It wasn't too rich, wasn't too sweet, it was just right for my taste. I searched online to find a recipe for what I'm guessing is "kremowka papieska". All the recipes I found had one layer of custard between two layers of pastry. The one I had had a layer of custard and a layer of whipped mousse-like cream filling then the pastry. Can anyone tell me if this is a different recipe, maybe just the way the deli owner makes it? I would like to find a recipe so I can make it for my mother. Thanks.

I tried posting a link to a picture of the piece of cake, but I'm unable to post a link not having 2 useful posts.

29 Sep 2013 #2
(3xW) cream-cake-recipe
The best, but in Polish - use google translate or (3xW) :

Right Polish name is just "kremówka". At last in Cracow and Małopolska province. Pope was involved in kremowkas by chance and now he serves as a promotional element.

Explanation here:
English translation "kremówka" to "Papal cream cake" is quite siutable because just "cream cake" means nothing or everything.
OP Jeb 1 | 2
2 Oct 2013 #3
Thanks. I found that sight, but from what I understand, I had the "Vienna style" which has a layer of cream on top of the custard layer. I can't seem to find a recipe for the whipped cream layer.
beckski 12 | 1,612
2 Oct 2013 #4
Is it kind of like sponge cake or more like a flaky texture?
OP Jeb 1 | 2
4 Oct 2013 #5
It's a mousse-like texture. It tastes just like whip cream, and it melts in your mouth like whipped cream. it's just firm and holds shape when you cut the top crust with a fork. It does't melt if it sits on the table like whipped cream would normally. I'm guessing its whipped cream with powdered sugar and either corn starch or unflavored gelatin.

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