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Cooking Polish kiszka

Polski Syn    
10 Sep 2016  #91

I buy Kowalski kiszka. I used to cut it into 1" slices and fry it in oil until it had a crust on it. Today I cut it up and remove the skin and throw it in the microwave. It's already cooked, so I'm just heating it up.

5 Apr 2017  #92

Growing up in Detroit in the 1950's...I remember my mother would fry with a little oil and chop small pieces of onion....served like a hash...topped with green peas and fresh rye bread from the corner bakery...those were the days.
9 Mar 2018  #93

Can you get me a number or a way to get ahold of a butcher in the Chicago area just retired from the Army after 27 years settled in Clarksville Tennessee. I have been missing the KISZKA I had as a kid in central Illinois also miss the garlic sausage I could eat for days. I have a butcher here who would love to make these for me but I'm at a loss for recipes, my parents told me all of the local butchers are closed and they can't find anyone with recipes. I'd really appreciate the help. Thanks!

Jodi my email is

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