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Where to buy cheap nuts and seeds (for muesli) in Warsaw?

wylaw 9 | 15
21 Mar 2012 #1

Do you any good source where I can buy reasonably priced nuts and seeds for my muesli?

Supermarkets such as Biedronka (Almonds 200g for 6 PLN, pumpkin seeds 200g for 5 PLN), Carrefour (do not remember the exact prices) and others are very expensive and daily markets do not have them. Not to start from organic markets.

So where to go for cheap nuts and seeds, especially in Warsaw?


Any ideas where I can maybe buy nuts on the scale?

Well, I discovered that cheap nuts can be bought on every local market (targ). They are cheaper than in the supermarket.

Especially recommendable are Volumen on Kasprowicza street, metro station Marymont or Hala Mirowska in Jan Pawel II street.
Looker - | 1,103
4 Apr 2015 #2
The nuts and seeds are expensive everywhere in Poland. I think the best price one can get when buying online and in greater amounts. If online buy is out of the option, try local bazaars and flea markets.

Home / Food / Where to buy cheap nuts and seeds (for muesli) in Warsaw?
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