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Polish Bread: Boulka (Bułka)

gswojcik 1 | 1    
13 Jan 2010  #1

My family came from southeastern Poland in the early 1900s and many of the traditions have been kept alive in the family. During the holiday, we would always have a delicious moist white bread with raisins that we called "bouka". I've seen many recipes for babka, but none for bouka. Are these the same thing with a different name? Does anyone else use this name? Recipes?



1jola 14 | 1,884    
13 Jan 2010  #2

Bułka is just a word for bread rolls and light bread. For example Bułka Paryska is the French Baguette.

Is this similar?

Click on the photo
OP gswojcik 1 | 1    
16 Jan 2010  #4


Thanks! That looks like the bread. I remember the Polish bakery in my town used to make this bread and it was moist and stringy--I'm not sure how they got it to be like that, but it was delicious!

1jola 14 | 1,884    
16 Jan 2010  #5


I thought I lost you there for a minute. If you want to make this at home, post for a recipe translation and someone will help, maybe even me.

We are like cultural attaches without the perks. :)
polkamaniac 1 | 482    
22 Jan 2010  #6

We made some and they were delicious!!!!!
25 Nov 2016  #7

My grandma came from the southern part of Poland, and her bulka recipe was used to make a horseshoe-shaped bread with apples enclosed and a rum-flavored frosting on top. Just made one today!
16 Apr 2017  #8

I lost my mother's recipe and was looking for the best Boulka recipe, when I got a laugh out of how GoogleTM Translate worked on boulka paska babka:

Home / Food / Polish Bread: Boulka (Bułka)
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