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Biały ser ... white cheese

Alaska 1 | 2
28 Dec 2012 #1
Since I have returned to the U.S from my exchange to Poland, I have made some Polish dishes for friends. I am able to find most things, but I don't really know what a substitute for biały ser would be. And I'm not sure how to ask for it, because I only know the translation as white cheese. So far I've used cottage cheese, but if anyone could help me with a better substitution or a different name for it so that I know where to find it in the U.S, that would be super helpful! :)
ShortHairThug - | 1,103
28 Dec 2012 #2
I am able to find most things, but I don't really know what a substitute for biały ser would be.

Try farmers cheese or make your own,there was a thread here few years back on how to make your own if you feel like experimenting.
OP Alaska 1 | 2
28 Dec 2012 #3
ooh, I'd like to try and make my own, that would be really cool.
Thanks! :)
28 Dec 2012 #4
See if you can find Twaróg if there are any Polish Delicatessens near you.
This is the most commonly used white cheese for salads, sandwiches and Sernik ( cheesecake )
It's usually sold in full fat, half fat, and low fat forms ( Tłusty, Pół Tłusty, and Chudy )
It's often sold in tubs for making Sernik. If you want to make cheesecake, and you can't get the stuff in tubs, you need to look for the word Mielony on the packet ( minced ), or you will spend ages blending/sieving your cheese.

Twaróg is also known as Quark if you recognise that in the US.
Depending on what you're making, plain fromage frais can be a good substitute.
Hope this helps!
kcharlie 2 | 165
28 Dec 2012 #5
Ricotta is similar to twaróg.

Cottage cheese is similar too, except it usually comes with added salt.

Quark is also similar, although it's usually very low in fat, but doesn't have to be.
ShortHairThug - | 1,103
28 Dec 2012 #6
Like I've said farmer cheese also known as baker cheese in some parts of US is what Poles use. I've also seen it labeled white cheese so I guess it all depends on where you live but relatively easy to find in major US cities.

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