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Some Allergies and food restrictions... (moving to Lodz)

CherylM 2 | 3
13 Dec 2011 #1
I am moving to Lodz in the summer of 2012. I was curious as to the foods there. I have to have low sugars= not lots of candies or sweetened foods. I also have reactions ( severe headaches and migraines) to over processed foods or too much artificial additives like smoked or msg or sulfites. Im coming from the US and yes there are alot of foods I have to avoid here!
22 Jul 2012 #2
Well you say you are coming in 2012 but you did not say when....
IMHO, in Poland you will find a lot of fresh, organic fruits, vegetables and even meats.
I don't know of any Polish restaurant or Polish family using MSG or "fake smoke". If you get something smoked here it is really smoked.

Give the food a try and I am sure you will be fine.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,331
22 Jul 2012 #3
I have to have

Ah, don't you just love American medical industry?

Home / Food / Some Allergies and food restrictions... (moving to Lodz)
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