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Stupid limitation on the quotation length

kpc21 1 | 763
10 Jun 2016 #1
From a short time ago, when I want to quote a fragment of someone's post, to point out that I am answering just to this part, the forum very frequently says that the quotation is too long and I have to shorten it.

It's even worse when I want to quote something from outside, for example, a fragment of an article.

I understand the intention - it sometimes happens that people quote excessive fragments of others' posts. But it is driving crazy and interrupting using the forum in the normal way...

Is it possible to turn this limitation back off, or, at least, make the limit bigger?
Admin 32 | 1,530 Administrator
10 Jun 2016 #2
New threads don't have this limit (it's possible to quote a larger part as a reference). It's possible to select only the gist of the message and intelligent readers will know what it was being referred too (and that way they will actually read the whole quote rather than scan).
jon357 67 | 17,501
10 Jun 2016 #3
New threads don't have this limit

This is a good idea; nevertheless, the 100 words is a bit tight sometimes, especially if the quote is well-written or quite complex and 150 words would be better.
14 Jun 2016 #4
I don't know what's going on with this 50 word quotation limit. I have just had to amend a post I was writing in reply to Atch, because it was so called over 50 words, but it wasn't as I counted them, and the 50 words quote was actually including my reply too!
OP kpc21 1 | 763
17 Jun 2016 #5
There is still something wrong with this, the limitation is still active.

Here: - this is a thread from yesterday, and I had to divide my quotation into two ones, because the forum didn't accept it otherwise (and it was essential to quote everything).
Paulina 12 | 2,033
22 Jun 2016 #6
You know, this quoting limit is one thing (it is small, that's true), but interfering with what is actually being quoted inside the allowed quoting limit is a step too far for me...

An example:

I quoted "The husband took my hand and kissed it and then burst into tears! I ended up hugging him even though I don't know them very well and it was quite a breach of Polish formalities" because for me the whole event was sweet, both the Polish man's reaction and that of Atch. And I had to cut it down to the quote limit anyway because it was a few words too long lol

But mod cut it down even more just to "I ended up hugging him even though I don't know them very well and it was quite a breach of Polish formalities".

Is this control-freakish Nazi-style modding really necessary?
How far will this get?
Maybe mods will start to dictate to us what we're supposed to write in our comments? ;/
I usually try to shut up about some "improvements" being made on this forum but this is a bit too crazy for me, tbh... I've never seen anything like this on any forum. All those "technical" rules and limitations are starting to be irritating and make posting here feel like walking on a minefield. It's a bit suffocating. Not to mention that it's a lot of additional unnecessary work for the mods.

Just saying...
OP kpc21 1 | 763
23 Jun 2016 #7
Exactly. This strange policy makes quotations unusable on this forum. It sometimes really matters what you includes in the quotation, and cutting it off by moderators is really a bad idea.

I understand when someone quotes just a whole previous post. Or makes long quotation ladders. But, for example, quotating a whole post from somewhere before may have actual reasons and it's definitely not because the users doesn't take care of the others reading the topic.
mafketis 29 | 9,955
23 Jun 2016 #8
The dumb quotation policy is not even the worst of it.

I can think of a few current event threads I wouldn't mind starting, but I'm not going to because some mod will just move the discussion to an already existing thread, even if there's no real connection (or the topic deserves its own thread).

Why bother trying to initiate discussion if the mods are just going to do their best to shut it down?
23 Jun 2016 #9
even if there's no real connection (or the topic deserves its own thread).

They don't usually do that.
If threads are similar in topic, then yes, quite often they will get merged.
For example, quite a few members here start threads on the latest activities of PiS, and as there are already existing threads concerning PiS, often they are merged. Same for people looking for places to rent in particular cities, doesn't make sense for each person looking to have an individual thread.

Best thing you can do if you are thinking of starting a new thread, is to use the search function to see if there is already something similar. If there is, then it's likely a new thread would be merged with it.
mafketis 29 | 9,955
23 Jun 2016 #10
They don't usually do that.

Start some threads on new topics and see for yourself.

I was considering starting a new thread on the upcoming 60th anniversay of the Poznan uprising (1956) an extraordinarily important event in modern Polish (and central and eastern european) history but it would probably get shunted off to something else, so why bother?

Clearly the mods don't want interesting discussions on a variety of topics....
23 Jun 2016 #11
I was considering starting a new thread on the upcoming 60th anniversay of the Poznan uprising (1956)

If there is already an existing thread on the Poznań uprising, it could well be merged. If there isn't, then In theory your thread should stay.

Only one way to find out ;)
mafketis 29 | 9,955
23 Jun 2016 #12
Only one way to find out ;)

I tried once, using the ham-fisted MON's attempt to make it about smolensk as a starting point from which discussion of the uprising and related issues could take place. It got attached to a thread about monthly Smolensk observances.

If discussion is not wanted, then there's no reason to offer.
OP kpc21 1 | 763
1 Jul 2016 #13
Unfortunately, the problem still hasn't been solved. Even in new topics I cannot make quotations longer than 1-2 lines.
Admin 32 | 1,530 Administrator
1 Jul 2016 #14
It works as it should. New topics can have longer quotations (if they are between the [ quote]and[/quote] tags).
OP kpc21 1 | 763
2 Jul 2016 #15
Ok, if it's fixed now, I will confirm after checking it, but in a topic created on Wednesday this problem was still present.

Is it no way to fix it also in the older topics?

Before a moment I had to slice into half even such a short quotation:

It translates " Crust ", which is the English term for the first and last slices of bread, the end pieces if you like, as skórka na chlebie, which makes more sense to me as a literal translation.

Is this term not used in Polish then, and just regional equivalents instead?

Admin 32 | 1,530 Administrator
3 Jul 2016 #16
It is not a 'short quotation' - intelligent people (all of those who participate on PF :) can remember what was said before and there is not need to quote more than one sentence max.
OP kpc21 1 | 763
3 Jul 2016 #17
It has already been proven that there is such a need.

When I refer to a piece of text, the whole point of quotations is to quote the whole text I refer to. Otherwise I could just use no quotation at all and put the nickname of the person the post of I answer to... Who else disagrees with that?

Unfortunately the error is still not fixed.
See here:
I had to cut the quotation from the legal act, because it was impossible to quote it in a standard way, as on each other forum...

It is not an error -it's a feature. There are limits of quoted text.
14 Aug 2016 #18
Could a mod please help me out with this. I have spent time on my reply to Ironside, only to find when i tried to post it, I have to remove 1+ word from the quote. I have done this, but it will not let me post my reply which should be in random chat. I will post it here, but could someone explain exactly what i am meant to do?

The link doesn't link to my post, what am I meant to do now?

Ok, I've managed to sort it, but this quote thing is ridiculous. I had to copy and paste my reply in order to post it, as despite editing the one word too many, there was no option to post it, only to edit message.

People here are intelligent, they don't need to read the same paragraphs in quotes again. Only the gist of the post = quote is needed.

Copy/pasting my reply has made a right mess of it, as the highlighted quotes don't show up in my reply:-

So what has happened to the option to post after editing? I would like to know what to do in case this happens again. There is no point in editing a reply if you are unable to post it afterwards.

You may not post one post after another; you need to wait until someone replies to be able to post again.

" People here are intelligent, they don't need to read the same paragraphs in quotes again. Only the gist of the post = quote is needed."

I was not repeating the same paragraph in quotes again. I copied and pasted the entire post including the warning section which I had edited, so that particular section was copied along with the rest of the original post, so it was duplicated on posting.

" You may not post one post after another; you need to wait until someone replies to be able to post again."

I did not do that.
This was my first post of the day which was quite long and contained a few quotes. When I clicked on 'post message', a warning came up for me to edit one section of my post by 1+ words, even though the quote did not contain more than the 50 words allowed. I edited it there and then removing 3 words. I was unable to post it, there was nothing to click on to post the message, and it was not automatically posted either. I had not previously posted anything at all. The only thing I could think of was to copy and paste the message.

I can understand why you have this system, but I don't think it always works correctly.
Ironside 51 | 11,510
16 Aug 2016 #19
I agree with Chemikem that 50 quote limit doesn't work properly. Seems like program bunch all quotes together for the word count..
OP kpc21 1 | 763
16 Aug 2016 #20
People here are intelligent, they don't need to read the same paragraphs in quotes again. Only the gist of the post = quote is needed.

I disagree. It's often so that you need to refer to a specific part of the post. Sometimes you need to highlight specific words in it. The limit on the quote function makes it sometimes impossible. I want the reader of my post to read the part I refer to, and then to read my comment. Not to scroll up and down all the time. Sometimes a shorter fragment is not enough, when I want to indicate a specific part of someone's post. Not a longer part, not a shorter part (!), but exactly specific part.

Another thing is that sometimes you need to quote something from external sources. Then, the quote function becomes completely useless because of this limitation.

You may not post one post after another; you need to wait until someone replies to be able to post again.

From my experience on this forum, for a few minutes after posting a post, you can edit it and you cannot add a new reply just under it. But after these few minutes editing is no longer possible and the only option if you need to add something, is just to write a new post under your previous one.

By the way, the policy of joining topics on sometimes very loosely connected topics by moderators is totally not understandable for me. On other forums I meet two different systems. On the forums which are mainly for solving problems it is usually so that a new problem = a new topic. Joining an existing topic with your own problem (maybe with an exception when your problem is really identical with the problem described in the specific topic) is if not totally forbidden, then considered bad and against the netiquette. Especially if the topic you join is old - then you can be called an "archaeologist" and get even a "golden spade prize", or even a "golden excavator prize", which is not a reason for pride, but rather for shame. Another system, especially in forums mainly for open discussions, or in such topics, or also in the topics which are not connected with the main subject of the forum is that there is a single thread for a given topic - then it usually has tens, hundreds or thousands of pages, and creating a new thread for this topic is a bad idea.

Generally, it is so, that:
- a problem = a single thread for a single problem, a new topic required even when your problem is quite similar, excavating old threads considered bad

- an open discussion topic = a single thread for the given discussion topic (which can be wider or narrower, dependent on the topic of the whole forum and how much the discussion topic is connected with it), creating new threads when one already exists considered bad

An exception might be, for example, a thread for solving computer problems on a forum about architecture and urban planning - then it will usually be just a single thread.

But on this forum, the moderators tend to mix those two ideas, and often move a new topic with a problem to an old topic with a very different problem. Not in such a way that, for example, all the problems about getting a Polish visa will be in a single topic, but joining just random topics with each other. This doesn't help at all in using the forum, but it's just annoying.

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