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Where is the login link on Polish forum

4 Mar 2014  #1

Where is the login link on Polish forum?

Vincent 9 | 804  Moderator  
4 Mar 2014  #2

You will find it on the very first page you'll see, first two boxes at the top of the page, with the words 'log in'. I believe it has been there for nearly 9 years. Let us know if you still have trouble finding it.
ShawnH 8 | 1,503    
4 Mar 2014  #3

And to log out, go to one of your posts, click on your name above that post, and you will be directed to your profile. Then you will need to go to the top right where your name appears there. Click your name and you will go to a new screen. On that new screen there is a log-out option there.

Quite simple really.

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