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I need in UK a traditional Polish Attire (garment) cloth for a man. It's urgent.

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30 Jul 2015 #1
I am in the UK . I need somewhere buy or hire or rent a traditional polish Attire (garment) cloth for a Man.
I need for Sunday 1st August 2015. I am willing go anywhere in the UK to get it.
30 Jul 2015 #2
And what is this "traditional polish Attire" - any hints?
jon357 74 | 22,387
30 Jul 2015 #3
No such thing, unless you mean a folk dancing costume and there are plenty of those differing in colour from region to region.. None of them genuinely like the day to day wear of the time and place they're meant to represent though. Too stylised and frankly too colourful and clean. The nearest is maybe góralski clothing - a few (but only a very tiny few) wear that if they aren't performing something. That resembles Swiss Alpine folk dress a little.

Why not Google Polish folk costume and see if you can find something similar at a theatrical costume hire place. Most would have something that would pass for it, especially if they hire for opera.
Malopolanin 3 | 133
31 Jul 2015 #4
jon357 74 | 22,387
31 Jul 2015 #5
Most of that stuff is frankly a bit naff but I suppose it depends why he wants it. Mostly easy to run up on a sewing machine in a couple of hours but frankly you could hire all sorts of things and it would pass.
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31 Jul 2015 #6
Polish folk costume

thanks that's helpful

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