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Song translation to Polish

Kolya Volkov 1 | 1
26 Oct 2019 #1

Anyone could translate this english lyrics to polish? Please don't use Google translator I need right translation


Now, that is when we are alone,
I am what you called: "the sea",
at the bottom of the trunk.
Sorry, I have plastic in the waves
and secrets that I can't tell.
I don't have blue water anymore,
If you don't want to see the world end like this,
you must defend the life in me.

thank you very much

pawian 176 | 14,299
26 Oct 2019 #2
Anyone could translate this english lyrics to polish?

This English isn`t original, it has already been translated from Spanish as it is a song by a certain juvenile singer, Melanie Garcia.

At the bottom of the trunk..... hahahaha

I won`t venture to translate it for you. Sorry.

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