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Shipping address near Suwalki, or near Lithuanian border & Business proposition

steadiH 1 | 1
24 Jul 2018  #1
Hi guys, I am Lithuanian living literally few kilometers away from Poland border, currently I use my friend's address in Wizajny town to accept shipments from Poland.

I run a business in Lithuania, and buy a lot of stuff from Poland wholesalers / distributors, they do deliver orders really quickly and 99% of the time for free anywhere in Poland, some businesses only ship to Poland, and it takes me only 20-30 minutes to drive to pick them up. Problem is that the person in poland is old now, and some times he is working in field around his house ( he is farmer ) and couriers are kinda annoying, instead of leaving packages in his yard they keep calling him, insisting to put a signature, even when they could simply leave package and. And sometimes its really annoying for him and wasting his time. I am wondering if by accident you know someone living or maybe one of you live near border of Lithuania somewhere near Podlaskie region and would like to cooperate with me? I usually pay 10 PLN for each package that comes, and I do order a lot of them, you could make a couple of hundreds PLN a week just for accepting shipments. There are nothing illegal there, simply products from manufacturers, you could open boxes to see it for yourself.

I am not sure if I am posting in correct category, but mods please move this thread to correct one if its in wrong place.
G (undercover)
24 Jul 2018  #2
How large are they ? Can't you use these machines where you can pick up packages on your own ? They are spreading to small towns now. I mean things like this one:
OP steadiH 1 | 1
24 Jul 2018  #3
Depends, some of them are less than 1kg, some of them might be 10kg. But that would mean travelling every day, which is a bit overkill for me, I would rather find a person or even business where someone is working during work hours and dont mind signing off the packages, which I then come to collect once or twice a week.

so if I have about 15-20 shipments a week thats not very suitable, but thats an easy 150-200 PLN for someone!

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