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Self addressed mailing labels (English) can be purchased where in Warsaw?

czech_canadian 8 | 32
14 Apr 2016 #1
Hi there,

We are busy sending off our application to Canada for immigration, and the Polish post office only sells Polish self adressed mailing labels (basically labels on stick paper, which you peel off and stick on evenlopes). I am also looking for an english self adressed label.

Can anyone recommend any stationary shops or whatever else in downtown, that sells these mailing labels? I can only think of checking out Empik but I dont thin that is a stationery store?

Many thanks!
jon357 69 | 19,502
14 Apr 2016 #2
Empik (certainly the Nowy Świat branch) has a stationery department. The department is called 'artykuły papiernicze'.

There's also a stationers near the main post office (assuming the private kiosk in there doesn't have any) at ul. Świętokrzyska 14.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
14 Apr 2016 #3
@Czech: I believe the best would be to directly ask them at Canadian embassy and they'll tell you where to get proper material. All embassies when they need something special say when asked where to get things... When I (French) papers made (last year) my embassy told me where exactly to go in Warsaw to get proper picture as per their criteria..

You just call Canadian embassy and ask them and you'll get the answer in 30 seconds ;)
OP czech_canadian 8 | 32
14 Apr 2016 #4

Great - I looked on their online shop but didn't see it there. Best to go there in person and look as you have said.


I beieve the Embassy will be closed now, but we will go back to the main post office and look around there.

Many thanks for the reponse!

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