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School Project - interview for Polish culture

Studentus 1 | 1
8 Jan 2018 #1
I am doing a school project is any one interested in doing an interview for Polish culture. Thanks
marina_budzisz - | 1
9 Jan 2018 #2

Help w/ school project...

Hi! I am working on my freshman year geography project and it would be great if someone could help me. See, I am looking for information like what housing is like there in Poland, what the education is like and how it works, industry, traditions, customs, and healthcare. Anything and everything is appreciated! Thank you!
Atch 16 | 3,417
12 Jan 2018 #3
Studentus, you probably won't get many responses on this forum as most members are either not Polish or if they are, don't actually live there. Unless you speak Polish and can post on a Polish speaking forum you are unlikely to be able to get the kind of information you need anywhere on the net, directly from respondents. Also your questions are very open-ended and require people to write mini-essays about quite abstract subjects such as their feelings about 'life'. Few people have time or inclination to go into that kind of detail.

I have a feeling you're a nursing or healthcare student?? Search google for results of surveys that have already been conducted by reputable organisations. One source that could prove useful is the European Union as Poland is a member and the EU conducts regular research into its different members. Another good source is the Pew Research Centre which has done a lot of surveys on attitudes in Poland. It would also be a good idea to present your final project with a brief outline of how the Polish healthcare system is structured and how it developed over the years since the end of Communism.

Your main problem with using existing research will be that your questions are very wide ranging and you would have to read a vast number of surveys and material to find the answers so you may need to narrow them down a bit.

To get you started here's a survey conducted by the European Union into safety and quality of patient care in Poland:

And below, this report is about the EU as a whole but has many charts showing information for all countries in the EU including Poland. It's also good because you can see how Poland compares to other EU countries. There is a very interesting section on 'self-perceived health'. The EU average of those who perceive themselves to be in bad or very bad health is 9.5%. In Poland the figure is over 14%.

Anyway, best of luck with your project!
OP Studentus 1 | 1
12 Jan 2018 #4
Thanks a lot I appreciate your help!

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