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Recruitment - Search for team leaders to support homeworker with Internet skills

3 May 2018 #1
We are in search for a number of National team leaders who will support a team of 40 homeworkers. Basic English and Internet skills required.

Interested contact me.
Communication in Polish and English.
jon357 74 | 21,780
4 May 2018 #2
Sounds like some sort of 'MLM' scam.

Interesting that there's no mention of the company's name or the monthly or annual salary.
Lyzko 45 | 9,272
4 May 2018 #3

Do you mean here "freelancers"? Am familiar with a German expression "Heimarbeiter", meaning either men or women who worked exclusively from their home and exported their services to which ever client would be willing to pay them. I realize you're not a German speaker, but I was merely curious as to what you meant, as the word "homeworkers" is not familiar to my native English lexicon, and I figured might have been a translation from another language.

Just am asking for a little clarification:-)
jon357 74 | 21,780
5 May 2018 #4

It often means people (usually exploited) who receive work to carry out in their home. A typical type would be textile or craft workers who are paid for piecework that is dropped off to and collected from their home by exploiters.

A friend in Warsaw did this; he used to solder thousands of electronic components in his home and received a few groszy for each. In the end he figured out that the money he received didn't cover the cost of having a lightbulb on to see what he was doing or the heating on to stay warm when he was doing it. He packed it in and found a proper job.
Lyzko 45 | 9,272
5 May 2018 #5
Thanks, jon! Sorry I didn't respond earlier, but I just saw your message now:-)

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