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PTS Jobs £15/h for the Polish people in London

17 May 2016 #1
Looking for workers for PTS jobs on the Londern Network railway. Candidates without PTS cards can make one with us and get a job afterwards.

please contact OJ on 07939011898/07803748979 for more details.
Harry84 1 | 81
18 May 2016 #2

Do you require the english speaking people in warsaw ?

19 May 2016 #3
Save yourself time and money, they are a known scam 'agency'. They have no jobs and are not licensed as a certifiable training company.
19 May 2016 #4
Hi Harry,

yes we would require you to be able to read English as there would be an examination in English.

@mcm, i don't know who you are but your allegations are untrue and unsubstantiated. Have a good day
gjene 14 | 203
19 May 2016 #5
Can you send me more details about the company you are said to represent by email? I tried to use 1 of the tel. no. you provided, but received no answer. Also, the long distance charges are a bit stiff.
21 May 2016 #6
Hi gjene,

What's your email address, please?
gjene 14 | 203
21 May 2016 #7
It is I am surprised you did not answer my questions. But then it is good that you failed on your part to do so.

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