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Where in Poland can I sell 2 bottles of whisky I got as gift?

16 Oct 2017 #1
I got a couple of Jack Daniels as a gift lately. I do not drink whisky. Is there a place i can sell them out?
16 Oct 2017 #2
Where you are in? I may buy if you are close to me...
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16 Oct 2017 #3
Warsaw Poland. I live pretty close to city center.
16 Oct 2017 #4
I will be in Warsaw on Wednesday or Thursday if you have time to wait I can purchase it. If you do not have time try to sell sklep alkoholowy. There is a shop near Hala Banacha maybe you can try ask there.
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16 Oct 2017 #5
Well Thank you so much! I can definitely wait till Wednesday/Thursday. How can we connect?

One of them is a 70cl and other one is a gift set with 2 glasses.
16 Oct 2017 #6

Please send me your mobile phone number by mail when I get Warsaw I will call you.
BlueSpace 1 | 22
18 May 2018 #8
So one year you did not drink it? Well if it were in my house one week even is too long ) BTW if it was wine the price might increase ))
kaprys 3 | 2,181
18 May 2018 #9
Why don't you give it to a friend?
Joker 2 | 2,222
18 May 2018 #10
Why don't you just drink it? lol

Jack Daniels is ok, it was very popular back in the 90`s not very expensive and you can buy it practically anywhere.

I dont think youre going to sell the Jack, btw how much ru asking?
Polska123 1 | 3
19 May 2018 #11
I don't drink, thats why they are still available!

I remember about them, whenever I am cleaning my room :P

140 for 2 bottles with 2 glasses
cms neuf 2 | 1,805
19 May 2018 #12
Aldi had it on offer ar 59'99 a few weeks ago. I think the regular price is 79 zloty in tesco.

I will take them both for 70 zloty if you drop them at my hotel next week. You can keep the glasses :)

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