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Poland's removal companies that can help me move from Gdansk to Katowice?

24 Sep 2014 #1
Hello , I'm student in Poland and I had opportunity to transfer from medical university of Gdansk to silesia medical university in katowice I have a lot of things books , clothes , furniture ,,, etc is there any companies in Poland for moving these thing with good prices ? also is where to live in katowice what are the best neighborhood to rent an apartment in? and are poles in silesia region are different from pomorskie ? , please help
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
24 Sep 2014 #2

1. Let Google be your friend - or people on this board will be along shortly.
2. At the medical uni there are a lot of student dorms. You can grab a bed or sleep on someone's floor for a while I would imagine

3. The area is called Ligota - the so called "exclusive" part of Katowice. It's a pain in the butt to get to the centre from there, but it's green. Rents are expensive.

4. Silesians are to my mind - if it were possible to generalise about such things, more open and friendly than locals in Gdansk - I expect Gdansk people will sniff at that. Silesians are more akin to the British, that's all - beer culture.....
18 Oct 2014 #3
Before hire any moving company, please check some qualities of that company like long experience and market reputation about that company. It is very necessary for stress free moving. Metro Moving & Storage
25 Nov 2014 #4

Recommendations/Suggestions for Movers in Gdansk

Dear all,

Further to my post "Quiet Hours & Hot Water Supply", I have decided to break lease and move. Would anyone have experience with movers in Gdansk and could give me a recommendation or send me some pointers?

Since these are furnished apartments, I have very little to move but it'd still be impossible for me to manage those couple pieces of furniture with 3 flights of stairs.

Thanks again for the help!
Looker - | 1,102
27 Nov 2014 #5
Try DTS Przeprowadzki:

DTS Przyjemne Przeprowadzki (Pleasant Removals) will perform relocating in the Tri-City with pleasure! If you plan to move in the near future this is the perfect place - our company offers the best relocating for you, your family, and your business! We undertake even custom orders, we arrive at any place within the Tri-City, the country as well as abroad. Each order is treated individually and professional!

Over the years of our presence in the market we conducted a series of more or less standard removals.

The knowledge that we have gained over many years allows us to perform services at the highest level. Because we know the sentimental and material value of your belongings - we take care of it! DTS Pleasant Moving Company employs proven and experienced staff to reduce the stress associated with the change of the current place of residence. We will take care of every detail and safety, which is why it's worth to trust us!

As part of the services to individuals, we offer:

* supply of materials
* safe packing of property
* transport
* unloading
* insurance

Another firms which performs similar services you'll find here:

good luck
29 Nov 2014 #6
Thank you, Looker!

Will give these a try.

Have a great weekend!

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