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Monster X tour in Poland

Paritosh 10 | 62
12 May 2014 #1
Hello all,

I see this ad of Monster X tour - is this the first time they are here - also is it worth going ?
Has any one of you have seen one of these shows earlier ??

Looker - | 1,099
17 Oct 2014 #2
Have you been there maybe?
I saw one Monster truck closely at some exhibition, the biggest impression on me made the size of the wheels - they were almost my height!

I definitely would like to see some in action :)
skrud - | 36
18 Oct 2014 #3
Is it worth seeing ? Well , to me once was enough , I went cheap on tickets ( not recommended ) and got what I paid for ... my seat was behind "the goal" , so everytime they would start new race fumes would blow in my direction , could not see how fast they were going ,would have much better view seating on the side , could not see graphics on their trucks only briefly when they were turning around . Overall I found the show a bit boring , during half time they had motocross stunt drivers doing all sorts of tricks , then they were throwing souvenirs to the crowd , show ended sort of "that's all folks , good night " .After the show there was autograph signing and chance to see monster trucks a bit closer , after 1hr waiting in line .
beckski 12 | 1,617
19 Oct 2014 #4
There was a thread on PF some time ago. I recall someone mentioning, supposedly Grave Digger, was to participate in the Monster Truck rally in Poland.

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