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LLC Company registration in Poland - English speaking lawyer needed

Harry84 1 | 81
14 Jan 2017 #1
Hi All,

Anyone know any lawyer who can help to open the LLC company ? who has good knowledge on each and every procedures.
Lawyer should be speak English.

please share the contact details if you have any (specify what process you get it done from him/her in term of legal process if possible).

Thanks in advanced.

cms 9 | 1,255
14 Jan 2017 #2
Warsaw or somewhere else ?
mafketis 25 | 9,305
14 Jan 2017 #4
Lawyer should be speak English.

Why? You certainly don't (or in your language 'you not be speak English')
OP Harry84 1 | 81
15 Jan 2017 #5
i am looking for lawyer who can speak english and polish both the languages.

let me know if you know any such lawyer for the same.

Polish lawyer
16 Jan 2017 #6
Hi, Harry.

I'm a Polish lawyer that currently moved to Melbourne. Either me or my previous company in Poland could help you.
Let me know what the issue is ( koprowska.k@gmail )
OP Harry84 1 | 81
1 May 2017 #7
Thanks for your all support,
I have opened the LLC company.

mhasanyousaf - | 1
17 Sep 2017 #8
Hi Harry,

Could you please tell how much you paid for the creation of LLC company ? I would be grateful for your reply.
OP Harry84 1 | 81
8 Oct 2017 #9
i have paid around 2k euro for company formation.


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