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Need a list of residential assets in Poland

9 Aug 2019 #1
Hi! I need some information on a family; however, I am not sure how to do a property lookup.
I need a list of their assets, apartment buildings they own and such-but I am not very good at Polish properties.
Thanks for your help!
OP martynka10
9 Aug 2019 #2
If there's a link to lookup one's name and their assets please send them my way! Otherwise could you connect me with a cheap lawyer?
Cargo pants 3 | 1,333
9 Aug 2019 #3
Cheap lawyer will do cheap work.Where are you from and where is the family in Poland you are looking for?
OP martynka10
9 Aug 2019 #4
United States, but looking for commercial and residential properties in Poland.

Currently paying for school and that's why I said cheap lawyer :)
Wolomin, Poland but looking 100% around the country!
cms neuf - | 1,949
9 Aug 2019 #5
If they own whole apartment buildings then they will probably be in a company name not in individuals - so you could search for any KRS that is in their name.
OP martynka10
9 Aug 2019 #6
thank you!

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