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Looking for a job in Poland ? Welcome: India, Nepal, Bangladesh etc

Gordon 1 | 3
20 Dec 2018  #1
Hello everyone,

If you are looking for an employment in Poland please contact me to assist You. I can provide You job in direct company so You can work as any local in Poland with chance to get salary raised after training passed and long employment with a Residence card. All legal and honest service.

Warm regards,
16 Jan 2019  #2
Hello sir
My name charanjeet singh from uae and basically i m from india. Pls suggest me about poland work permit or other legal way.
Thanks in advance
+971554793669 whatsapp also

Pls guide me for poland
Lyzko 20 | 6,038
16 Jan 2019  #3
Knowledge of Polish a requirement, I take it:-)
OP Gordon 1 | 3
16 Jan 2019  #4
Sure. I did write you on whatsapp already. Not sure where you read my message first :-) Thank you for your interest.

I assume that Polish people with local language ability can find quite easy a job so I have decided to help the foreigners cuz it's harder for them. Best regards
Lyzko 20 | 6,038
16 Jan 2019  #5
But how about foreign people with heretofore zero local language knowledge? Would they be considered as well, or would some type of basic, perhaps on-the-job language training in Polish also be provided? Best regards:-)
5 Feb 2019  #6
Hello everyone,

This is Jagjit and I am actually looking to get a job offer and migrate to Poland. I have an overall experience of 5 years working with one of the MNC in India, which includes IT help-desk, support, book keeping, Accounts, Finance, Customer services. etc

I am also open for other job categories also. So please looking for genuine supports and guidance.

Mail - jagjitbba at gmaildotcom
My contact +91 99o3649829 (whatsapp)
26 Mar 2019  #7
I need a job in poland . Kindly contact me in whats app +971566436836.
21 Apr 2019  #8
Hi Rafal!

My boyfiend is looking for job in Poland. He comes from New Zealand and he just speaks English. Could you contact with me please?

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