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Hiring Polish Engineers at Construction Site in Wloclaw, Poland

jongguan 1 | -
21 May 2018  #1

My name is CHUN, Jongguan working for LG Chem factory construction Project at Wrocław, Poland.

LG Chem is a Korean company and currently operating a battery manufacturing factory (1st phase) in Wroclaw area (named as LG cluster). And, another factory (2nd phase) is under construction at this moment near by the existing (1st phase) factory. The 3rd phase project is scheduled to start the construction work from July, 2018 at the same. It consists of four individual factory buildings at the same area, LG cluster.

The project is organized and operated by Korean staff together with local Polish Engineers.
Therefore, we are hiring Polish Engineers to work together with our team.

Elecrtrical Engineer,
Mechanical Engieer,
Architectural Engineer,
Office Clerk speaking Korean and Polish

Please send us you resume (CV) or transfer this message to your friends,

Thank you,

CHUN, Jongguan

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