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Help the little boy from Poland (he has cancer in his both eyes) Jesli mozecie pomozcie temu dziecku!

13 Aug 2015 #1
If anyone can help this baby from Poland. He has cancer in his both eyes. He must be operated on in the USA. You can pay directly by Visa cards. Link:

Every penny and time count for him!
13 Aug 2015 #2
Why don't you see up gofundme page, that's if you are genuine.
OP Stan1968
13 Aug 2015 #3
That's not for me. I have found this on one of polish news websites. I just want to share it and encourage others to help if they can.
InPolska 10 | 1,818
13 Aug 2015 #4
Absolutely scandalous that NFZ does not pay in a lot of dramatic situations. The other day there was some article in GW about a 14-year-kid who has cancer (sorry I don't really remember details) but NFZ refuses to help. Although Poland is not a rich country, there is money that could be used to help those in big needs. I am shoked to see urns in a lot of shops to collect money for small kids' treatments. Unbelievable what some kids and their families go through sometimes...

I personally give money to Polish cancer society.

Please do give all details!
delphiandomine 88 | 18,177
13 Aug 2015 #5
The problem is the same as in the UK - the NFZ could spend a million zloty on one child, but then many other children might go without treatment just to pay for one expensive treatment.

What normally happens as far as I know is that the NFZ will fund treatment, but it won't be the best treatment available - so parents often decide to reject NFZ (or NHS, or whatever) treatment and instead try and raise money to go to the USA for experimental, private treatments. I've heard of one case where a child died before it could be treated in the USA because the parents rejected what was on offer in Poland - their conscience, I suppose.
OP Stan1968
13 Aug 2015 #6
all the details are on this website:
This website is in Polish but you can translate it using an online translator. I am shocked as well but like in many other countries not all treatment procedures are funded by their governments. His parents have to pay for the operation in the USA as this kind of treatment is not available in every country and is not available in Poland either. This website shows a few other children who have undergone this sort of treatment in the USA. They gathered money by using this website as well. All of them are healthy now. I can see lots of Poles have paid so far but time is rushing I suppose.
InPolska 10 | 1,818
13 Aug 2015 #7
@Stan; thanks!

@Delph: I don't have time now and also don't want to make it public ;). Briefly, I'll be at hospital all next week for routine tests as per Polish protocole (INSPITE of my tests being good) = an example of waste.
Roger5 1 | 1,449
13 Aug 2015 #8
It doesn't say what's wrong with the child, except in the vaguest terms. Are you sure this procedure can be done only in the USA? Moorfields eye hospital in London has been a pioneer in eye surgery for two hundred years. There are also plenty of other world class hospitals around Europe, e.g. Geneva.
OP Stan1968
13 Aug 2015 #9
Roger5, This boy has retinoblastoma (a form of malign cancer) in both eyes. They followed the advice from other Polish parents whose babies had the same condition and were operated on in the USA. I do not know if this sort of treatment is available in other European countries i.e. London or Geneva. I just read this article and there are some medical documents regarding his condition attached on this website as well. One or two of them are in English and come from the hospitals in the USA in which the baby is going to be operated on. He has already undergone some treatment in Poland (chemotherapy) and the rest needs to be done in the USA. I do know not this boy personally but he comes from the same region in Poland where I was born...
Roger5 1 | 1,449
13 Aug 2015 #10
From the Moorfield's hospital website:

Speaking about the disease Moorfields' paediatric service director who specialises in retinoblastoma, Mr Ashwin Reddy, said: "Around 50-60 children are diagnosed with retinoblastoma each year in the UK. Here at Moorfields we have a network with the Royal London Hospital where we detect and forward referrals of retinoblastoma cases for treatment."

Mr Reddy went on to say: "The key message we would like to stress is the need for more awareness and the importance of early detection, if detected early the disease can be treated and a child's vision can be saved. "

I wonder whether the parents have explored othre, less costly avenues.
OP Stan1968
13 Aug 2015 #11
Roger, it is hard for me to say where and what they have explored. Out of what they say I know they contacted other parents whose children had the same condition. The sort of treatment in the USA is unique and available there only. I think that the parents were encouraged to proceed it in the USA because the rest of the babies who were operated there and are healthy now... I do not know anything more apart from what is included on the Internet. Anyway I would love the baby to be healthy and if many others and I can help a little it is fantastic.

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