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Finns in Poland?

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25 Feb 2015 #1
I am looking for some contact with Finns, who are now living in Poland. I am Polish, my future husband is Finnish. We are now placed in Finland, but strongly and consequently thinking about moving to Poland.

I would like to hear some advices for my fiancee from some Finnish person :)
Kiitos, jos joku on vastannut :)
25 Feb 2015 #2
There certainly have been a few Finnish posters here. Have you tried searching for the words "Finnish" and "Finland"?

There are also at least a couple of Finnish members of the Professionals in Warsaw Facebook group. You could also join that and ask there (I think one of the group moderators is Finnish).
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25 Feb 2015 #3
I have used already search option, but unfortunately have not find anything interesting ;)
MrMartini - | 1
26 Feb 2015 #4
There are plenty of Finns in Poland. Feel free to PM me.
bug080 2 | 12
26 Feb 2015 #5
I am doing my Erasmus exchange from a Finnish university here but I am not from Finland. I do know a couple of Finns here, you can pm me. I think there's a small community of Finns in Warsaw.
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27 Feb 2015 #6
Hi! Cool to here that. From which Uni you are?

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