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UI/UX Designer looking for work in Poland

kent_033 1 | 2
12 Oct 2016 #1

hi people
i'm Hakan 23 year UI/UX Designer from Turkey
i'm looking to work in Poland in Krakow as UI/UX Designer. i'm ready to learn polish language. I would like to know, how much money get UI/UX Designer work here?

Please, help me)
terri 1 | 1,665
13 Oct 2016 #2
What can you offer a prospective employer? Maybe just the fact that you speak Turkish. If you have a University education there are places that may employ you. The pay will not be very much approx 3-4K per month gross.
OP kent_033 1 | 2
13 Oct 2016 #3
Experience: (3-5 years). Speak English. Education: Institute of World Economy (Russian Federation). What is 3-4K per month gross? Please say me in PLN) Thank you)
terri 1 | 1,665
13 Oct 2016 #4
3-4 K pln gross means 3,000 to 4,000 Polish zloty per month gross.
18 Oct 2016 #6
Kent, as a Turk educated in Russia you can look forward to working at a kebab stand for 50PLN per day.
The only UI/UX you'll be doing is decorating kebabs with vegatables/sauces.
Hope that girl you like is OK with that.
vvs_shank - | 2
25 Mar 2017 #7
I'm also looking for UI/UX designing in warsaw please help me, friends.
JohnJohn - | 1
12 Jan 2018 #8


Hope you are all well.
I'm looking to find someone to help design a website I am in the process of building.
It is intended to be an information portal. Kindly get in touch if you can or know someone who can. Thanks.

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