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Looking for best way to get in touch with someone, I met from Poland.

Nosedliw27 1 | 7
8 Apr 2017 #1
Looking for girl I met in lviv October 2015 guy from USA

We met on bus tour out side lviv .It was first Saturday in October 2015 .she said her grandmother use to live in that area . She lives in Warsaw has a computer related job speaks polish,russain,french , and English.she is in her late 20s and said she renovated two different apartments, because I work construction my self . We went out to dinner on Saturday night. If you find her send her my way $200 no b/s.

I met a girl in lviv during October 2015 . she's from Warsaw .we met during bus tour in lviv. I'm traveling across Poland in May. Would like to get in touch.
gumishu 15 | 6,186
8 Apr 2017 #2
you realize that the probability she reads the forum or anyone that knows her is quite low - but good luck
cms 9 | 1,254
8 Apr 2017 #3
Why on earth didn't you ask at least her first name during dinner ?

If you are that smitten then go to those villages round Lwow - ask around the families still there and maybe she has some living relative there.

When I lived in Britain one of the newspapers had a column called "I saw you" where you could try and follow up chance encounters - I'm surprised there is no Polish equivalent as Poles love romance.
OP Nosedliw27 1 | 7
8 Apr 2017 #4
I know it's a long shot. We exchanged name during the bus tour ,it slipped my mind.I figured I could pick it up in conversation during dinner,no luck there and it's a little late to ask a name when you have been talking to someone for hours. I didn't pursue her because we live thousands of miles apart. It didn't make sense at the time. But if you know someone in Warsaw who wants to make $200 to go on a wild goose chase,let me know.
21 Apr 2017 #5
What's the name of the restaurant - it may be the best to start from there to limit the search area. What was she wearing, any tattoos or other unique features?
OP Nosedliw27 1 | 7
23 Apr 2017 #6
We hit a couple of places I don't really remember the names.but the hostel she stayed at was center square or art hostel and she went home that Sunday . what are the odds the hostel will give me her email.Thanks for getting back to me and as far as the money goes I'm not BSing you if you want to help.Thanks
OP Nosedliw27 1 | 7
11 Jul 2017 #7
Is there any ideas on how to get in touch with her?
nothanks - | 631
11 Jul 2017 #8
it slipped my mind

Did you ask if she had any form of social media? At-worst an email?

In terms of the Internet I would post on the Reddit subform for Lviv. Without an email, you can't search for her on Facebook.
WhirlwindTobias - | 88
11 Jul 2017 #9
it's a little late to ask a name when you have been talking to someone for hours

Better that you potentially look embarrassed for a minute or two asking for a name, than part ways and go on the Internet trying to find her.

This should be a lesson for you, don't pander to "social norms".
OP Nosedliw27 1 | 7
30 Jul 2017 #10
Lesson learned, at the moment I didn't think it made sense to pursue her , seeing she lives thousands of miles away. Is there any other good ways to put a message out?
OP Nosedliw27 1 | 7
30 Jul 2017 #11
I will check out Reddit thanks

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