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Moving to Krakow from London - Can anyone help to move my stuff?

6 Feb 2018 #1
Hi there,

Me and a friend are moving to Krakow at the end of march early April and have around a van's worth of stuff. We're trying to work out the best way to move this without buying a van. Would anyone be able to help or give advise?

Thanks so much!
DominicB - | 2,709
7 Feb 2018 #2
Post an ad for a man-with-a-van on your local advertising sites. Or browse the ads for men-with-vans and call around to see whether they are willing to haul to Poland.

Or you can rent a van and drive it yourselves. Call around for best rates.
kaprys 3 | 2,286
7 Feb 2018 #3
There are some courier companies that deliver things from Britain to Poland. Look them up and contact them for more information and prices.
7 Feb 2018 #4
Very informative message xD
OP TommyT
8 Feb 2018 #5
Thanks for the advice! Asking around the local community sites is a good idea. I bet there's lots of shops who head to collect goods for the polski skleps

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