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Maths tutor for an advanced kid

Titine 2 | 1
27 Dec 2019 #1
Hi, our 9 years old boy goes to an international school in Warsaw. He has skipped one year, but he still finds that the maths taught at school not challenging enough. Can anybody suggest a maths tutor? Or let us know where we can find one? Thanks!
Lyzko 45 | 9,513
27 Dec 2019 #2
Figuring that the instruction is in English exclusively, contact your local UK Consulate for recommendations:-)
Private bilingual tutors I could only imagine must be horrifically expensive.
kaprys 3 | 2,242
27 Dec 2019 #3
Check any website with 'korepetycje' for example
But honestly speaking, whether you look for a housekeeper or a private maths tutor for your child, it's best to ask your colleagues, neighbours or your kid's classmates' parents rather than random people online. They can recommend someone reliable.

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