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Would anyone like to play Golf in Krakow?

24 Mar 2014 #1
Are there any golfers in Krakow. I am an expat living here. My golf skills are limited to driving range only.
Norwegian 5 | 56
27 Mar 2014 #2

There is two pretty og courses in Krakow (you find them by google).

Both are good in the sence that is you say you have a greencard, back home, they will let you play. As long as you let better player play in there speed, there is abs no problem.

One of the courses even have a six whole course with wholes primarly around 110 yards (up to 150-180 for the two longest). And this is a very nice way of starting to play Golf.

From Krakow it cost aprox 100zloty in taxi and if you give the driver 100 more he will wait 2-3 hours and then drive you home!

Patrick bateman
28 Mar 2014 #3
Go to Krakow valley I can't spell the polish name. Its not s bad course go on Monday as you can pay and play and its much cheaper avoid it on Saturdays as you will be waiting for up to 20 minutes on every tee they also have a shooting range near by so if you feel like Rambo you can shred some paper target
14 Apr 2014 #4

I am very enthusiastic golfer and would love to find some golfing company. My handicap is around 20 so I would like to really play as well. Are there any expats who would like to play a round of golf every once in a while?
Krakow_Ben - | 1
6 Apr 2015 #5
If you are still looking for someone to play with I am interested... I don't have a handicap but enjoy a game and would love to play more often...

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