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Hi I'd like to learn Polish via MSN messenger.....I can help you with your English

rockyborowczyk - | 3
28 Jun 2011 #1
Hi everyone :)
Looking for a Polish person who can teach me Polish via MSN or Facebook!
I can help you improve your English if you need it :)
Thank you! Let me know if you're interested and I'll PM you
catsoldier 62 | 595
29 Jun 2011 #2
Hi Rocky,

my own advise would be to pay for some lessons, this way you will make best use of your time and learn the most. My own experience is that unless you are a teacher it is extremely difficult to teach grammer, most native speakers(non teachers/linguists) don't know the grammer of their own language, they know how to speak it properly, know what sounds correct but cannot explain it, I am the same, a child can speak perfectly well but couldn't tell you about grammer.
kolomik - | 1
18 Aug 2011 #3
Hi Rocky,

I am polish native speaker and I would like to practice my English. If you are interested to improve your polish please let me know and I will be delighted to help you. We can contact via mail and Skype.

My email: kolomik5@gmail
OP winpalmera 1 | 2
3 Apr 2012 #4
Hi, I'm very interested in learning Polish and I have MSN messenger so we can chat there.
I can help you with your English! I also know Spanish a bit......

If you're interested let me know here so I'll send you a PM with my messenger address.

Rfik - | 1
7 Apr 2012 #5
My native language is Polish.If you still want I can teach you Polish.
We can communicate in English so please send me your MSN or skype account.

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