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Is anyone interested in learning Japanese with the intention of forming a study group in Warsaw?

raph222 1 | 3
8 Mar 2014 #1
Hi Everyone!

My name is Raphael, I'm from France and I live in Warsaw now. I would like to meet anyone who is interested to study Japanese in order to make a Japanese study group here in Warsaw.

As I don't know a lot of People here, and more over as it is difficult meet native Japanese speaker, I got this idea to create a Japanese study group. I think it will be very great to study together!!!

The most difficult for learning a language is to keep the motivation, and it's rather difficult when you are alone. But if you have mates who have the same purpose than you it's easier to keep it. :-)

Let me know what you think about it?
(And of course, if I can meet a japanese speaker, I can offer my French.)

Raphael :-)
Wlodzimierz 4 | 544
8 Mar 2014 #2
Would you be learning Japanese in English, Polish or French? Curious as to how many takers there'd be in Poland, except perhaps at a university specializing in both linguistics as well as specifically Asian studies.
Tipsy toe
9 Mar 2014 #3
I know a Japenese school that closed on NoweGrodska after only 15 months,even though it had a Japenese native speaking teacher and a Polish owner.I doubt many poles are into it.
OP raph222 1 | 3
9 Mar 2014 #4
Hi Włodek,

Whatever, I speak Polish as English too.

Hi Tipsy toe ,

Could you give me the name of this school?
9 Mar 2014 #5
Great idea! Count me in.

OP raph222 1 | 3
9 Mar 2014 #6
Hi Magda!

Today, I already met someone else, so with you we will be 3.

I cannot send you a PM or e-mail, and you? Can you send me one?

waxtailor - | 1
9 Mar 2014 #7
no, unluckily I am not able to send message or email either

Wlodzimierz 4 | 544
9 Mar 2014 #8

Your profile appears to state the opposite. Not that I care:-)
Was merely curious as to which 'lingua franca' such a study group would choose for all practical purposes.
Tipsy toe
9 Mar 2014 #9
Could you give me the name of this school?

I forgot the name but the owner has an language school on jana pawla II,the schools exact adress was Nowegrodska 7/9 L23,warszawa
Shizuka 10 | 44
10 Mar 2014 #10
Hi,I am Japanese,moving to Warsaw soon.
I want to learn English and Polish,so if you are interested,maybe we can help each other .
I will be in Warsaw on June.I'll work there,and going alone,it would be nice for me to meet new people through the group.
10 Mar 2014 #11
Hi Raphael,
I'm interested.
OP raph222 1 | 3
12 Mar 2014 #12
Hi Everyone!

I have some difficulties to use this forum, I cannot send any message to some users.

So, if you are interested to join the Japanese study group, please contact me by PM or mail!

(Or let me know if it's not working for you too.)

Raphael :-)
Monika222 - | 1
13 Mar 2014 #13
Hi :) i can't send an email. Please contact me on: monikakoza@gmail

Tipsy toe
21 Mar 2014 #14
leave you contact here man as I will be coming to warsaw on 31st aswell

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