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Inexpensive English Speaking Lawyer in Warsaw wanted - for money recovering

maxtyfli 1 | 2
30 Dec 2014 #1
Does anyone know of a good, English speaking, inexpensive lawyer in Warsaw? I need a lawyer to advise me on how to recover money I gave to a person.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,485
30 Dec 2014 #2
Lawyers are usually expensive, and those speaking English are double expensive.
OP maxtyfli 1 | 2
30 Dec 2014 #3
Thanks for the fact, I already knew that. But there are the terribly expensive and the moderately expensive, so let me rephrase the question:

Does someone know a GOOD English speaking lawyer in Warsaw who is not terribly expensive?
Ziemowit 13 | 4,485
30 Dec 2014 #4
I'd say there should be English speaking lawyers in Poland that are not terribly expensive, but then I would re-phrase my answer to: are they terribly GOOD lawyers or are they not?

On a more serious note: do you have any written proof (or witnesses) of lending the money to a person?
pigsy 7 | 305
30 Dec 2014 #6
depending on the amount e courts are very good in Poland but to implement there decision you have to use komurnik(sheriff/bailiff)
Ziemowit 13 | 4,485
31 Dec 2014 #7
If you read Polish, buy the copy of today's RZECZPOSPOLITA where you will find three articles on Tesco Law points located in several commercial centers in Warsaw and other major Polish cities. These are new to the law scene in Poland, but have been known for some time already in the US and Britain. Simple advice there will cost you 49 zloty, prices for advice involving proceedings in courts start from 299 zloty. Your problem can definitely be seen as "simple". Lawyers in those Tesco Law points should speak English (in my view).
fin1422RM - | 1
12 May 2015 #8
Merged: Looking for advice/lawyer in Warsaw due to child paternity

Hello Everyone,

I am joining this forum today as I am seeking urgent advice. I live in Warsaw and after having completed my studies just recently decided to stay here.

I have received a court citation today to determine child paternity. This came as a shock as I was not expecting this and because I was in good terms with the Mum. I do not know if the baby is mine and always asked for a dna test, which was refused to me. I would like to do the right thing and support her financially, but within my means. I said I have a normal salary, on top of that high stress levels due to my work and extra studies that I follow to improve my career. Therefore a court decision weighting most of my salary toward the Mum just because of this and that unfair situations would really be adverse for me.

I would like to ask you if you could give me details of a family lawyer in Warsaw that would help me get the dna test and, if required, determine a fair amount of monthly support either through court or outside. I would not like any complications and would just rather this goes smooth.

Thank you in advance.
13 May 2015 #9
Ask your embassy for recommended lawyers.They might be expensive but will work for you or there are plenty of law firms on Nowogrodzka street in Warsaw between Marriott and Marszalkowska.If you still are unable to get anyone then post here and I will recommend you a American lawyer who is very good at that and works for a reputable law firm for last 15 years.
4 May 2016 #10
I am first generation Polish (speak but limited reading) seeking Warsaw attorney to determine what happened to my uncle's Warsaw property/properties. He passed intestate on 06/22/11 with a military funeral. This request and any further action is accordance with my mother's request about her brother.

Thank you,

Henryk Sek

Merged: Estate Attorney in Warsaw

I am First generation Polish (speak flently but limited reading and writing) living in America seeking counsel on my uncle's property/properties in Warsaw. He passed in Warsaw in 2011 without a will (intestate). TMy mother, this is her blood brother, would like closure on this matter.
28 Jun 2018 #11
I need help my gf and mother are from Poland they have been in America for 13 years they are both citizens here but they went back to Poland to visit friends and my gf father had a business but everything was in the mothers name he did not close the business properly and now they will not let my gf mother return saying she owes a lot of money can anyone help

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