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Looking for help identifying Polish vintage items

Mariea H
19 May 2019 #1
Hi I got some things in an auction lot and am trying to find a value or any information about the items to know the best place to sell them on. I don't know any Polish and google translate is only helping a little bit.

I am looking fro someone to help me do a little research on them

Thank you


Is there a way to post pictures? Do I have to sign up for that? - yes.
gumishu 12 | 6,103
19 May 2019 #2
I remember having posted pictures here before but they have to be pretty small (no more than 100 kbytes if I recall correctly) - but I have no idea if you need to be a registered member to do it (a registered member for a long time here)

you can post links to the images/pages you want help with

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