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Help needed to identify some old photos (possibly ID cards)

1 Jul 2017 #1
Hello I found some really interesting really old maybe I'd cards not really sure, I found them in Some old boxes after a relative passed away. One has a wax seal on it. They have really detailed art work on the back of the photos. I'm just guessing that there some kind of antique maybe photo IDs. But they are really finely dressed and the hand pressed wax seal. Will someone who knows polish take a look at them and see if u can give me some ideal of what they are. They were packed very carefully and we'll protected so they we're important to maybe my grandfather or great grandfather. I'm really curious what they could be.
OP netman911
1 Jul 2017 #2
If someone will take a look at them I'll send pictures of them to em. Please message me where to send pictures to, couldn't get the form to let me upload the pictures for some reason.

Thanks Kevin
Kuzyn - | 23
1 Jul 2017 #3

You can send those pictures.
Looker - | 1,032
1 Jul 2017 #4
couldn't get the form

You need to register first to upload those pictures here.

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