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Where do you guys meet in Gdynia or Sopot?

agatka131 1 | 20
27 Sep 2008 #1
Hi, are there any meetings anywhere in 3 city?
Michal2 - | 78
27 Sep 2008 #2
I have not been there for some years but I visited Sopot once or twice when I stayed there in a little hotel. There used to be a little pub that specialized in English and the co owner was a scotsman who originally went to Poland as a teacher of English. They did have problems with planning permission to stay open so I am not too sure now of its status. I think it was called the Language School or club but anybody should be able to tell you where it is. It was located in a small side street behind one of the main streets. It was small and cosey.
OP agatka131 1 | 20
28 Dec 2009 #3
any meetings in gdynia or gdansk?

if not already, is anyone fancy a beer or two sometime ?
wildrover 98 | 4,436
28 Dec 2009 #4
Well , its nearer to me than Poznan meetups....Do you know of a suitable venue for a bunch of us to meet up.... I have heard that there is already some place in Gydinia that is popular with Brits and other assorted riff raff...
OP agatka131 1 | 20
28 Dec 2009 #5
maybe an Irish Pub is the one you think of? I went there few times! No Brits, just poles, like me!
wildrover 98 | 4,436
29 Dec 2009 #6
just poles, like me!

Thats ok....Polish women are very nice...
ShawnH 8 | 1,491
29 Dec 2009 #7
Polish women are very nice...

You noticed that too?
wildrover 98 | 4,436
29 Dec 2009 #8
Sort of...out of the corner of my eye...i wasn,t really looking...i have to be crefull here , my Russian might read this some day..!

So . have we found a suitable venue for some meetups in Gydinia...I am sure i did read somewhere on these very forums about a place that peeps met now and then...

i think i might have been an Irish bar , but i could be wrong....i usually am...!
childwithin 8 | 136
29 Dec 2009 #9
agatka, don't you know the language pub? it's easy to find, anybody will tell you where it is, besides that place i don't know any other, by the way i messaged you (not massaged), i did get no reply, therefore i assume you are not interested? anyway if you will not find that pub i can lead you to it

i just saw how old this thread is, so you probably know the place
welshguyinpola 23 | 463
29 Dec 2009 #10
Hi agatka
There is of course the language pub in sopot but its tiny and rather over-rated in my opinion. A good pub ijn gdynia is the Drovers arms in the Gemini centre. On thursdays they do an English quiz night for prizes etc. LEt me know whaen ur going and ill join u there
childwithin 8 | 136
29 Dec 2009 #11
it's called the dockers inn, lots of strange people there trying to pick up girls and stuff or the other way round, excluding myself, excuse me, maybe i could go there too, but only with somebody who's friendly, cause the place is hostile, don't know about thursdays, only been there once on thursday and it was ok, but i actually met some welsh people there, so nobody did tell me anything, even though i was bit drunk, i bet they didn't like it there, they should pray more for god to give them more power
OP agatka131 1 | 20
2 Jan 2010 #12

Ok, guys, I am in, English quiz nite sounds ok, I guess! And I am friendly btw!

Dockes inn? Where about is it?


I do know the language pub in Sopot, I went there few times, it was rubbish, no english speaking people, just Poles( again like me). I did not get any of your messages. Was is supposed to be in my private mail at the top of the page? Sorry it's just not there.

childwithin 8 | 136
2 Jan 2010 #13
dockers inn, it's in the gemini centre, when you walk throgh the main entrance, it's in the far end, opposite boulevard and the language pub, i don't know it that well, i think you have to go there on one of the weeknd nights to meet someone, i'll pm you agatka
OP agatka131 1 | 20
13 Jan 2010 #14
so, anyone up for the meeting tomorrow nite? quiz nite sounds ok
childwithin 8 | 136
22 Jan 2010 #15
been there, done that...
awfull loads of people coming in every night...
LeeHughes 6 | 15
8 Jul 2010 #16
dockers inn? isn't that in the silver screen complex? multi kino as it's now known.
frd 7 | 1,399
8 Jul 2010 #17
yeah that's what childwithin said "in gemini centre", part of gemini is silverscreen.. - now multikino ;o
8 Jul 2010 #18
somebody mentioned "English quiz nights"... Well, some kind of this stuff repeatedly takes place in "Bohema Jazz Club" in this Gemini center, just near the main entrance. Unfortunately, I don't know exactly when, so u have to ask bartenders about the details.
OP agatka131 1 | 20
15 Oct 2011 #19
anyone fancy a guiness pint tomorrow night? Can be Dockers In!
scottie1113 7 | 898
15 Oct 2011 #20
I do know the language pub in Sopot

It's been closed for a while. If you're ever in Gdansk, go to Absinthe, the best pub in the Old Town.

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