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Good Polish divorce Lawyer

treeman 3 | 6
9 May 2016 #1
Can anyone recommend a good divorce lawyer in Poland?
terri 1 | 1,665
9 May 2016 #2
No matter how good a divorce lawyer you get - the woman will get everything, so do not waste your money on 'good lawyers' and just give everything to her right now. In the long run - it will be cheaper.
Marsupial - | 886
9 May 2016 #3
Alternately if you are a male you could pray. If female you may rub your hands in a greedy kind of way.
porky pok 2 | 127
9 May 2016 #4
A good lawyer does help, it depends how much he is willing to spend. Three people I don't chince Lawyers, Accountants and Doctors.they can change your outlook.

Lawyers in my opinion are hungry dogs tell them what you want done,pay them and they will bark/bite
Honest Pole
9 May 2016 #5
A good lawye does help, it depends how much he is willing to spend.

I'm not really sure if that's the case in Poland since courts here are so biased against men.

And first and foremost don't divorce in Poland try to do it in some other country or something. You're doubly ****** as a man and a foreigner(that's even more the case now when nationalism in Poland is on the rise).
PolishAttorney - | 4
12 May 2016 #6
treeman I am a Polish qualified attorney- if you still need professional legal assistance please feel free to contact me via private message. Do write if you still live in Poland and where (which country) did you marry
OP treeman 3 | 6
2 Sep 2016 #7
still looking for a good polish divorce lawyer, preferably one that speaks English. The marriage was in Lublin Poland
Sabien - | 1
13 Jun 2017 #8

Family Divorce Lawyer/Attorney Recommendation in Warsaw

Dear Forum Members,

I have the unfortunate luck of needing a Family Divorce Lawyer due to my wife submitting a Petition for Divoce within the Polish Court System. I am living between UK and Warsaw, and wanted to know if anyone can recommend a good divorce lawyer / attorney in Warsaw?

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