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Free Beer Brewing lessons in Tri-city.

Maybe 12 | 409
4 Apr 2013 #1
If anyone is interested in FREE beer brewing day courses (with beer tasting) in the Tri-city area, please pm me and i shall ask the organisers to email the details.

The courses will be starting over the next month. The trainer speaks passable English and really enjoys his job.
The company has just started and they are offering these courses at the weekends, there is no catch, the company sells home brew kits and all the products and equipment needed to brew beer at home. I think I am correct in saying that for those people who don't have the space at home or would like to use the facilities the company offers storage space for brewing, or hiding it from the wife i suppose :)

The good thing is after attending the course, if you feel it is not for you then you are not obligated to buy anything. I spent an afternoon last week, learning about home brewing and to be honest I can't remember much, However, I had fun and a hangover the next day. No i didn't buy the kit yet....but maybe!
OP Maybe 12 | 409
5 Apr 2013 #3
Is Scottie, the only person interested in Free beer? I find that amazing......
AmerTchr 4 | 201
5 Apr 2013 #4
I just read it, sending you a PM.
OP Maybe 12 | 409
9 Apr 2013 #5
woah, why have I got an advert on my Post. Advertising a website which is not linked to me. That is misrepresentation and hijacking my f*cking thread. Not impressed.
AmerTchr 4 | 201
9 Apr 2013 #6
They automatically appear on the first and last posts of a thread page.
OP Maybe 12 | 409
9 Apr 2013 #7
ok understood.

oh my God i must have sort of selective blindness, i've never noticed the ads before..........weird.... must be beer goggles... :)

So people anyone else up for free beer and DIY beer lessons in the Tri-city area.

Just to clarify the beer course isn't a one off date. They are ongoing.
So if you fancy learning how to brew beer and drinking some home made beer, please pm me and I shall send you the email address.

The courses are being run in the Tri-city area (Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot).
welshguyinpola 23 | 463
10 Apr 2013 #8
Im interested. Please email me the details

OP Maybe 12 | 409
11 Apr 2013 #9
A simple clip to illustrate some of the hazards of home brewing.... I never knew it could be so explosive.

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