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Flat for sell, near Alchemia/OBC Gdańsk 5.5-6 yield

rafalr 1 | 6
22 May 2018  #1
The flat is fully furnished and equipped, building is new. Living room + bedroom + parking space. Very high standard.
Przymorze, ul. Krynicka.

Asking price - 498 000 zł + 25 000 parking space
Dougpol1 30 | 2,851
22 May 2018  #2
Size? Price per square metre? What level? Let the dog see the rabbit. It would need to be a tasty rabbit. Fail to see the attraction of Przymorze myself........
10iwonka10 - | 396
22 May 2018  #3

On google map Krynicka does not look very appealing. I don't know much about Gdansk prices but it seems bit expensive...
OP rafalr 1 | 6
23 May 2018  #4

39 m2, ~12 700zł/m2, 1/9 lvl


Google street view is from 2011, look at SOLVO by Ekolan SA.
Prices in Gdańsk are very high, both selling and renting. Due to tourists, mostly from Germany and Scandinavia.
Flat is between sea and business centre (you can rent it in few days for a good price).

Alexbrz 3 | 78
23 May 2018  #5
Sounds great, but i bought a 95m2 appartment for 500.000zl not far away from there about half a year back. 12700zl/m2 is very high - Very doubtful you'll ever sell it for that, let alone without any pictures and this kind of advertisement
OP rafalr 1 | 6
23 May 2018  #6
Thanks for replying!
I know the market - the price per square metre is lower when the apartment is bigger.
If I find finished flat in very high standard, Oliwa/Przymorze (2k16-2k18, 30-38 m2) for 8-10k zł/m2 I would buy another one.

Moreover, Its asking price, everyone wants to lower it. Best offer I had so far is 430k.

Whats your opinion on prices in Tricity? I sold a flat from my Grandma in "falowiec", Obrońców Wybrzeża for 330k (46m2, 7.1k zł/m2)...
Dougpol1 30 | 2,851
23 May 2018  #7
Whats your opinion on prices in Tricity?

Yes, high, but there's plenty of upside. In 5 years peeps will be wringing their hands and saying that prices weren't as high as they thought. I'm looking for a property in Gdynia, and Oksywie is 50 percent of your sq meterage, but we know why. Przymorze waterfront is fun for the tourist with it's bars, so all you need to do is sit on it - unless you need the sale for something else of course. Which is why you're selling, obviously.

If your property were 80 metres, with a sea view, I would have asked for a viewing..... Good luck!
Falowiec is weirdly apparently quite trendy, as you will know. Probably a starter opportunity for young profs.
OP rafalr 1 | 6
23 May 2018  #8
Murapol Nadmorskie Tarasy is quite cheap I guess, maybe something for you (ul. Nasypowa). But I hate driving down the Estakada Kwiatkowskiego in rush hour.

In Przymorze a lot of people are flipping (including me time to time). Especially in Falowiec or 70-80s buildings.

We will see how the market will develop in few years. Secretly waiting for a huge price drop in 2020
Dougpol1 30 | 2,851
23 May 2018  #9
Estakada Kwiatkowskiego

If it weren't for that pesky Polish navy with it's false sense of importance, the city could build a bridge to link Oksywie to the city centre. Problem solved:(

Murapol Nadmorskie Tarasy

The other side - nearer the airport...... with the new promenade, it has the potential to become the new Orlowo, if the Navy can be forced into line with it's refusal to allow access from the Navy Port.
OP rafalr 1 | 6
11 Jul 2018  #10

Sold, almost without negotiation

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