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English Native Speaking Personal Trainer Lublin

Fit4life 1 | 2    
24 Oct 2016  #1

Hey Guys and Girls
A quick introduction about what Personal Training I can offer you while you are living /studying in Lublin , Poland.

I am a certified Personal trainer from US .A Tier 2 trainer from Equinox gym NYC.

My passion is fitness and wellness. I am a combat coach and strength and conditioning trainer. If you wish to truly invest in yourself and want to see that increase in your fitness results come join me for a FREE complimentary assessment at my club!!

Why are you still thinking about it..get in touch and get your ass moving my friend!

Yours in health and Fitness,


adamm19830 10 | 43    
26 Oct 2016  #2

Hi Lyndsey, I have just moved to Lublin from the UK. I am currently looking a a good gym to join, do you have any recommendations? Back in the UK I went to the gym 5 times per week and its killing me not going at the moment! haha. I have started up my running again already around where i live in Natalin. :-)
OP Fit4life 1 | 2    
26 Oct 2016  #3

Hi Adam! Welcome! Cool I can help you out no problem. I am based close to Olimp shopping centre . perhaps we can meet up and chat over a coffee and see what exactly you are looking for.

Let me know when suits
Kind regards Lyndsey
adamm19830 10 | 43    
26 Oct 2016  #4

Great! I was in Olimp today. I'm thinking of joining GetGym......
OP Fit4life 1 | 2    
26 Oct 2016  #5

Great! Give it a shot see how you go :) let me know if you still wish to meet up.always nice to know someone who can show you around a bit :)

Take it easy
keleko - | 1    
30 Dec 2016  #6

Hi Lindsey, I'm also looking for a good gym in Lublin, have any pointers?

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